On the Caryl Churchill Festival

April 2011

“As a teacher of modern foreign languages at South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy in Wolverhampton, I am constantly looking for new ways to inspire our students to engage with cultures different from their own and with their personal journeys towards becoming competent linguists” – Ms Elizabeth Groucutt, Teacher of Language, South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy (Full Testimonial)

On Alluvium

“[I refer] aspiring literary students to [Alluvium] because it’s such an attractive portal into a world where people are writing about … literary issues because that’s the kind of animals we are, rather than because it’s on the boring syllabus” – Roland Clare, Teacher of English Literature, Bristol Grammar School

“I truly found reading some of your articles exciting and educating” – G.H., Student, Bristol Grammar School

On Pynchon in Public Day

“‘Pynchon in Public Day has provided an absolute benefit to my small endeavour along with a literary benefit to the local community'” – Greg Thomas, Trystero Coffee

“It was ‘gratifying’ [to have the] opportunity to join that level of discussion” – W.D.

“[this event] makes me want to deal more with this demanding kind of literature, and read them by looking at the themes [Eve] point[s] out in [his] posts more closely” – Micha Knerr

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