Upcoming 21st Century Research Group meetings

Martin Eve (English) and Caroline Edwards (English)

‘Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Finch: Adorno, Utopia and Open Access Publishing’

This paper addresses the specific threats faced by the recent Finch Report and will be a practical introduction to the future problems that will occur from the way in which Open Access is being implemented. It will also, however, be a show of optimism; power structures are dispersed and it is my strong contention that, through action (ironically, given the Adornion frame through which this will be viewed), we will prevail in the time that remains by building our own alternatives.

Weds 27th Feb 4.15-5.30, MC0024

Professor Steven King, University of Leicester

Professor King will talk about the Centre for the Medical Humanities at Leicester – POSTPONED (will be re-scheduled for the Autumn)

Wednesday 27th March 4.15-5.30, MC0024 [organised with the Theatre, Dance, Music and Consciousness Research Group]

Peter Malekin,  ‘The Dying Swan’s Last Croak’

 From history to ontology as the frame of meaning: from time, through timing to timelessness as the potential range of theatre. The first is a shift happening here and now in us and about us in the cultures of the world. The second is now growing to recognition in the study of language, literature and theatre. The possibility is the direct experience of unity within multiplicity and within human consciousness in its various levels

 Peter Malekin co-authored Consciousness, Literature and Theatre: Theory and Beyond with Ralph Yarrow (Macmillan, 1997). He has translated dramas from Swedish for performance, is interested in the relationship between language, consciousness and verse speaking, and was instrumental in having an exhibition of actors’ masks, based on ancient Greek models, brought over to London. He has a long-standing interest in Platonic, Indian and Eastern philosophy and several decades’ experience of consciousness-developing techniques. He is also interested in science fiction, the epistemology of science and its relationship to non-European epistemologies. Previously Senior Lecturer, Chair of the Department of English and Director of the Centre for Seventeenth Century Studies at the University of Durham (England), and Visiting Professor at the University of Trondheim and Eastern Mediterranean University. Now retired, he lives in Sweden and continues writing and lecturing.

Weds 15th May 4.15-5.30, MC0024

Book launch of Siân Adiseshiah and Rupert Hildyard (eds), Twenty-First Century Fiction: What Happens Now, Palgrave, 2013

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